Frequently asked questions

Normally 12 months on new equipment which is an extension of the manufacturer’s warranty. It is important to note that certain products like batteries and power supply units are difficult to offer warranty as there is guarantee that the product is used under optimum conditions. Any damage due to lightning, power surges and the like are expressly exclude from warranty. Workmanship generally has one month for repairs and three months for new installations.

No, this is for the client to organise PRIOR to us arriving on site

We have been in business for a while now and have developed a reputation for reliable and experienced service. Further, our repeat customers are testament to work we do.

Payment terms are dependent on the project size. Ordinarily, all equipment must be paid for on completion of the project but other payment arrangements are available on request subject to market rates.

Power outages can cause major problems at a home and business including Data loss, productivity, security or even profits can all be consequences. the cause of power interruptions can also put sensitive electrical equipment at risk. A severe imbalance can dramatically decrease the equipment life cycles, considerably speed up the replacement cycle of equipment, and significantly increase system operation and maintenance costs.

There is no size limitation other than the client’s requirements

Your system is determined upon assessment of your requirements before a quotation is supplied. This ensures that the best possible system is availed to suit your requirements or fears.

The type, brand and size of solar panels is determined by looking the system requirements and then selecting the best panel size/brand for that application. We only supply reputable brands with proven track records for durability.