We are dedicated to the Provision of superior security and power solutions, through constant and  effective staff development to deliver excellent, personalized, adaptable and quality guaranteed  workmanship. Ultimately, the best security solution is an integration of more than one platform to  ensure maximum coverage and minimal loss.

What we do.

Before undertaking any work, we carry out a site visit and thereafter advise you on the way forward  with regards your particular needs. We provide free quotations within Harare, charge fuel and  mileage at AA rates for all out of Harare calls. Our services include: 

Home automation

Wireless control of almost any equipment employing the latest technological advances to deliver convenient and customised management of devices. Take peace of mind with you wherever you go with our wireless connection devices. These powerful and versatile access automation solutions allow you to arm your house alarm, open and close your gate from anywhere in the world


Control and monitor residential or commercial premises with advanced surveillance equipment designed to provide you with instant notification. Our products offer recent developments in dataveillance and video analytics to ensure you get the very best out of your system.

Access Control

Varied solutions available depending on site-specific requirements while employing the latest technological developments and improvements.

Alarm systems

Seamless perimeter intrusion integration allows for notification, monitoring, acknowledgement and cancelling of intruder/fire alarms via the associated mobile application.

Traffic Barriers

Automated or manual booms and bollards to control traffic into busy or controlled areas e.g. parking lots, office parks and housing estates. Varied ancillary options include retractable spikes, fixed fence & man-trap interlock to gate motor or other security access

Gate Automation

unique sliding and swing gates incorporating various ancillary interfaces like wireless intercoms, mobile phone or number plate recognition integration.

Door Automation

Customised roll-up, sectional and roller-shutter doors for any application

Perimeter Fencing

Anti-climb fence, electric fencing & concertina razor wire provide an effective first line of defense of your assets.

Alternative Power

Total solar energy solutions. Excellent source of stand-by power to safeguard your security systems and equipment with fail-safe power sources. We tailor-make these to suit your particular requirements, using generators, inverters and solar panels or a suitable combination.


Electrical service experience is an important factor. And choosing an electrical contractor that offers proven experience allows you to have confidence in the work being completed. As the demand for alternative and green energy has increased,our electricians have become more skilled in the installation of solar panels, passive solar heating and lighting, including space heating and cooling.They are also proficient in home automation conversion.

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